Cricket-Based Juice Drink

Insects may still seem like creepy crawly things from the ground for most of us, but some people are adamantly convinced that insects will be a vital part of our future dinner. Danish entrepreneurs Jacob Rukow and Philip Price are two such people who wholeheartedly believe in insects and have invested years of their lives to build this cricket farm in Copenhagen. However, they were left scratching their heads trying to convince people to get over their fears and try insects, so they came up with a new idea: cricket-based juice. Their cricket farm consists of abut 10,000 crickets and can produce over 220 pounds of crickets per year. The insects are fed on a diet based on leftover vegetables and coffee grounds. The partners launched a juice drink called 15 Crickets, which blends together apples, ginger and 15 crickets from their farm. The insect juice drink will launch on Thursday at a bar in Copenhagen, where the pair will serve the cricket juice mixed with rum and gin cocktails together with some other cricket-based snacks. 10 Danish supermarkets have also agree to carry the juice. Are you ready to join the insect revolution?

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